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Meet the Team

The Beginnings
My first venture into the world of a sugarmaker came at the age of twelve. My operation was as basic as you could get. I think I had something in the order of six taps. Somewhere I had seen how to make spouts from sumac. The core of a sumac stick is very soft and can be easily cored out to act as a spout. For buckets I used pails that came from a bakery. They had contained pie fillings. In an effort to be somewhat authentic... Read More
In 2007 we contracted with Bear River Timber Frame to build a sugarhouse. They designed and constructed a beautiful and functional building. We had the basics, an evaporator and a filter press. A big change came in 2008 with the addition of a reverse osmosis machine. It would remove about 80% of the water from our sap greatly reducing boiling time. 2011 brought about another big improvement... Read More
Going Forward
We currently have 950 taps on our land and that of a neighbor. We buy sap from neighbors whenever we can. Currently we produce over 500 gallons of syrup a year. There are several sugarhouses around us that have been in operation for generations and have established a presence in the local markets. We needed to find new markets, and thus the creation of this web site. In another year we plan to... Read More